About Me & BLD

Hello! I am Kathryn, owner and designer for Belle Lane Designs located in Northport right next to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I design graphics and make fun and cute clothing for kids and adults. I am so glad you are here! Let me tell you how this little hobby got a bit out of control...

My passion for designing graphics for children's clothing all started with having my own two girls and the need for that perfect outfit for all their special occasions and big milestones in life. They grow out of everything so fast and there are so many holidays and events that you need an outfit for! Being the crafty/creative person that I am, I wanted to make cute clothes for them myself. I received my first vinyl cutting machine as a birthday present in 2015, and set it up in our home's basement as my "craft room". Once my husband caught wind of my never ending spending on my new crafting obsession... I decided to start selling my designs on Etsy to hopefully make some money with all that crafting material I had accrued. The shocking thing was - my designs started selling!

Once my orders really started picking up, my husband and I would both come home from our full time day jobs, to an infant and toddler and produce orders for a few hours every night just to get it all shipped. I hereby rename him Mr. Handy Helper Husband. Yall. Those days were HARD, but we survived it!

Nowadays, I am self employed full time (whoop whoop!) running Belle Lane Designs LLC, and working with my amazing team to make and ship all the orders with a few hundred toys hanging around in our shop (sorry about the toys in the way). In 2023 we expanded into a 2400 square foot warehouse, aka took over my husband's whole finished barn when I was only supposed to have a tiny room in it. My tiny little business is still tiny but it's growing. I am SO THANKFUL for our customers!! You are the reason I can keep dreaming and keep this going!

In 2023 we added sublimation and screen printing to our shop's resume expanding our options that we can offer to our loyal customers. Screen printing in house?? YES!! So many options and so many new ideas we are now bringing weekly to you guys! 


Happy Shopping!

Kathryn Williamson

Owner & Designer | Belle Lane Designs

P.S. Thank you for supporting a mamma made really small business!


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